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I was in a boutique, trying on the same T-shirt as on your site. There it costs 650 euros, you have 190! Excellent!
Selected brands:
  • Stefano Ricci
  • Canali
Thank you so much I really appreciate your email. Delivery has been successful! Happy to receive the items. We will definitely contact again! All the best!
Selected brands:
  • Loro Piana
I have been hunting for a particular Heresis parka for several years. I did not find parks of this designer anywhere in Latvia or in European stores. I saw it only on the site symbol.ua, I wanted to order from it, but then there was no delivery to Europe. When I saw that Symbol delivers to Europe, I ordered 2 parkas at once - for myself and my sister. When things arrived, I didn’t really like the color of one of them, to which the store agreed to make an exchange without question. After that, I ordered 2 more clothes from this brand - all orders were delivered on time and every time I was comfortable communicating with the service center!
Selected brands:
  • Heresis
I heard about Symbol for many years, I ordered from Ukraine through friends, paying for delivery of 100-150 euros due to the fact that there is no such assortment anywhere in Europe. I found out that now Symbol has opened in Europe and without hesitation made an order. Shipping is either free or very cheap if the order is small. During the delivery, they always contacted me and warned about everything. Very satisfied!
Selected brands:
  • Santoni
  • Dolce&Gabbana

Every woman wants to look brand new, attracting admiring glances, causing envy and a desire to imitate. The ability to dress stylishly, beautifully and tastefully is a talent, a competent choice of things for your wardrobe and, of course, an excellent awareness of trends and the latest fashion trends.

Fashion occupies an important place in the life of a modern person, and the desire to look good is often due not only to individual aesthetic and stylistic preferences, but also to status, position or environment. To make the right impression on colleagues and business partners, to look great at a social event and in everyday life, you need to take enough time to create your exquisite wardrobe.

If you love high quality and stylish clothes, and want to look fashionable, expensive, sophisticated and modern in any place and any situation, the Symbol online store is your ideal ally in the world of branded shopping. Collections of premium world brands, shoes, clothes and accessories for women with a delicate aesthetic taste, an assortment of labels whose names speak for themselves - all this is Symbol.

We value your time and high quality requirements, therefore we offer only exclusive items, a wide selection of luxury brands and the benefits of comfortable online shopping with delivery at a convenient time and place. Elegant suits, sophisticated dresses, airy blouses, formal trousers, in our online store you will find clothes for any desired look. We strive to make every purchase a success and every visit to Symbol an enjoyable one by providing a high level of service, individual approach, trendy collections and a wide range of products. With us you will always be sure of the irresistibility of your image.

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